Monday, May 24, 2010

Has anyone ever owned a pet crow?

where can you get them from?
yes. i saved a baby
yes. the crow is one of the most intelligent animals there is. it rivals the dog and dolphin for intelligence. conscider that when someone calls you a bird brain.
Yes, I have. They are intelligent, playful, mischievous and can talk. But, they are messy and noisy, and because they eat meat they can me smelly. I can't answer where you would get one without knowing where you are though.

Has anyone ever lost a pet?

i lost a cat and i miss him so much!i wish he was here!
there is a bridge connectin' heaven and earth. it is called 'the rainbow bridge' because of it's many beautiful colors...

just this side of the bridge, there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass...when a beloved pet dies, it goes to this place. there is always fresh food and cool water and warm spring weather. the old and frail are made young again...those who were maimed are made whole again. they play all day long with each other in this land.

but there is one thing missing...they are not with their special person who loveed them on earth...

so, each day, they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up... the body quivers, the eyes stare! and this one suddenly runs from the group!...

you have been seen...and when you and yer special friend meet again, you take him in yer arms and embrace...yer faces is kissed again and again as you look once more into the eyes of yer trusting pet...

then ...both of you cross 'the rainbow bridge' together...never again to be separated...

hope that helps ya some, my friend...i know it helped me when my princess abigail died this past easter...
Nope I know exactly where they are buried
I have also lost a cat, pets can become such a big part of your life. Its very sad and its only human to miss them very much.
I used to have a cat. I had him when I was living with someone else. I moved out, and couldn't take him with me, so I left him. And he came up missing. I felt so guilty for leaving him. I think about him and miss him a lot.
yeah...we lost our maltese dog...we took him out to get his teeth cleaned, and the vet gave him too much anesthetic, then he gave him a counter anesthetic because he didn't think he was waking up fast enough...he had a stroke, couldn't walk and was breathing really fast...didn't know his name and he couldn't even lift his head...before he died he was hemoraging, and then blood came out of his mouth, and then he was the worst thing i ever saw in my entire life...we did an autopsy and it showed that there was blood in his lungs...i wasn't really that sad, but i missed him a hit my mom and sister really hard.
yes ive lost around 14 birds :(
No. I live on a busy street though and have seen two of my dogs get run over.both as a child. My german shepard by a fire truck and a poodle by a corvette. No one saw it coming.

Has anyone ever heard of the good rats?

OMG, OF COURSE!!! I used to have a cute black %26 white rat as a pet. And let me tell u something. They are the most cleanest, social, %26 friendly animals in the world. People give such bad names to rats that everbody thinks they're ugly %26 nasty %26 gross. But its just the opposite. Got to PETCO %26 buy one. Its really fun. =)
no rats are pure evil and ugly creatures
Domestic rats can be wonderful pets-- a lot less testy than hamsters and ferrets. They keep themselves clean (which doesn't actually mean that their cage is odorless unfortunately...) and they're VERY intellegent.

Of course, my best friend used to work at pet store and she said she could always tell when one of the kids that worked under her forgot to feed the rats.

They have a tendancy to cannibalize.

If you're interested in getting a rodent pet, get a guinea pig. They grow to be about one or two pounds heavier than a rat and they look like over-sized hamsters. They also have to be seriously harrassed into biting you. Sweetest little things I've ever worked with.
i breed rats and all of mine are good rats. i have about 20 of them and they are good rats. i think they are all good if you know how to care and handle them. if any one says they are all bad then they have never owned a rat before. yes there are good rats and yesthere are bad rats but the bad rats are usually sold as food for snakes. i breed mine for myself and for pet stores in my area. i love my rats and so do my kids. rats are great pets for kids also.
Coo Coo Blues!!!

Has anyone ever heard of Blue Barn Dog Food?

It's suppose to be the best dog food out for pitbulls.
I've heard of it, but I'm not sure it's still available. I tried to find a website for it, but couldn't.
Never heard of it, you have a link for it?
Maybe you mean Blue Buffalo??
No and why would a certain dog food be best for pits? I have not heard of dog food that is BREED specific, and I raised dogs before and have had numerous types of dogs.

Has anyone ever adopted an animal from ouside of the country?

I have read about all the scams and what not and I was just wondering what people thought about the process as long as they took the money upon receipt of the animal.

Has anyone adopted an animal this way and had success?
My biggest concern is diseases and things like that not so much the scam thing cause I would never send money if I didn't see the animal first.
Just curious about people's opinions.
ive never done that and i dont reccomend doing that or you may get a disease but if you do you may want to request to get it vaccinated and also to see the papers to make sure..
I know people who did it a long time ago. They went to Tijuana and filed all the proper paperwork, and brought home beautiful German Sheppard's.
Then again why not adopt a pet from your local SPCA shelter.
You never know, you might just find a terrific buddy there too.
Why risk buying a sick pet, save your self some $, and all the drama.
Good Luck!
Be careful while dealing to buy an animal. Through local authority you can can ask related question who deals in importing the animal to your country. What are the ways and means and delivery procedure as well as charges, they will let you know and i believe medical certification also becomes the responsibility of importing country so no need to worry, consult related local authority, you will get all info.

Has anyone else heard? Rabbit Owners?

I doubt this applies to many folks that use this board, but I thought I would mention it. There's been an outbreak of the Calicivirus in pet rabbits in the Adelaide SA region. Calici is used to control wild rabbits, but is affecting captive rabbits in the area. Anyone who has a pet rabbit that is not immunised should do so immediately! The first signs are no appetite for 12 to 24 hours, followed by internal bleeding, then death. Good luck Bunny owners!
The information that you sent out is very important. There are rabbit shows in the area, and people don't want their rabbits getting sick (no one does). You probably saved some bunnies by posting this note.

Has anyone ever heard of a Cabbit?

about 10 yrs ago it was a yuppie thing to breed a cat with a rabbit i was just wondering if there are any today still hopping around?
I actually never heard of it before so I looked it up and this is what I found:

"Cabbits" with rabbit-like hind legs appear to be malformed Manx-type cats."


"In "The Ethics of Breeding for Deformity" I wrote: "Nature sometimes makes genetic mistakes. [...] 'Cabbits' are genetic quirks (often, but not exclusively, found in the Manx breed) where the hind end resembles that of a rabbit rather than a cat. "

the person on the site goes on to say a little more so check it out on my source.
I was under the impression that species can not cross breed.
I've hurd of them but i don't think they are really breed with rabbits. I've hurd there lacking a bone in there back legs which make's them hop.
no never heard of them
it is impssibe to bread a cat with a rabbit the cemistry dosn't work
I've heard of this, and all of the photos are merges or montage. This breed doesn't exist! When will people understand that? It is impossible because of the tremendous differences between the animals.

Rabbits (I have one)

Veggie lovers
Live in cage
Run more
Not independent
And very loyal, dumb as it may seem
Clean themselves

Litter boxes
Claws (not like rabbits don't have them, but these are worse!)
Ears that are triangular
Loves cuddles
Very independent.

I don't think you should look into this anymore. It's a dead subject. Sorry to disappoint you.

EDIT: Cats clean themselves, sorry, I left that out.
Rabbits and Cats are from two completely different genus' and cannot interbreed.
There is no such thing as a "cabbit." It is impossible for cats and rabbits to interbreed.
You must be an anime fan. :)
Only in the anime cartoon Tenchi Muyo. Her name was Ryo-Ohki.
There is no such thing.. It can't happen.. It would be like saying you have a dog x cat breeding.. cats and rabbits cannot reproduce together.
If yuppies are telling you about cabbits, they are teasing you.. think that you are very gullible.

And a Yuppy is a young urban professional.. an ambitious young adult, usually college-educated, living in or near a large city, with a professional career and an affluent lifestyle.

What about that suggests that they are breeding cabbits???
Must be an urban legend- you CANT breed a cat and a rabbit, not naturally or scientifically. Different species don't mix.